Greetings from the Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery.  We are volunteers who are dedicated to preserving, beautifying, and celebrating Shockoe Hill Cemetery.  The Friends group formed in 2006 to help the City of Richmond care for and maintain this historic place.  The Friends group  has been involved in placing dozens of individual gravestones and historical markers, repairing dozens more fallen or broken gravestones, cleaning and improving the grounds, conducting historical research, and sponsoring regular tours and other public events - all to ensure that this historical gem remains an integral part of Richmond.


C. Clayton Shepherd

Clayton came to the Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery in 2011 as an historic preservation intern and has never looked back.  A retired Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Reserve, Clayton created Adopt a Soldier of Shockoe Hill Cemetery in 2014.  In four years the program has marked the graves of over 100 veterans from the American Revolutionary War to the present day.  Clayton has served as board president since 2016, and is dedicated to preserving Shockoe Hill Cemetery, and to telling the stories of those interred within its walls.


Barbara C. Lagasse

A native of Richmond, Barbara graduated from VCU with a degree in Business Administration and Management, concentration in Real Estate and Urban Land Development. She is one of five children of Garland and Clarice New. Barbara is married to Richard Gregory Lagasse.

Barbara has held positions in the human resource field since 1995 in varying capacities from Analyst to Director in government, nonprofit, university and private sector settings.

Known for her volunteer contributions, Barbara served as President of Bryan Parkway Civic Association; President of Shea Terrace Civic League; Secretary of Lamb's Basket Food Pantry; Vice Chair of Membership-Prospective Member Database, District II, Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution (VADAR); Chair of Historic Preservation Committee, District II VADAR; Chapter Chair of Grave Marking and Genealogical Records Committees, Chancellor Wythe Chapter, VADAR; Registrar (two terms), Chancellor Wythe Chapter, VADAR and organizer of cemetery preservation workshops and clean-ups since 2012.

Barbara first served on the board of the Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery in late 2012. Since then, she has served a second term on the board with responsibilities including Recording Secretary, along with event planning, fundraising, public relations and providing tours.

Barbara is a proud Descendant, with 40 known ancestors buried here on her mother's side, some of whom served our great Nation in the War of 1812 and the Civil War. She and husband, Greg, are passionate about restoring existing gravestones, bringing dignity to those without grave stones by formally marking their existence, and educating others about the importance of recognizing these fine individuals.


Jeffry Burden

At Large Member/Parlimentarian

Jeffry Burden, a Henrico County attorney, has been a volunteer with the “Friends of
Shockoe Hill Cemetery” group since shortly after its founding in 2006. He first moved to
Richmond in 1985, and he has worked closely with the City of Richmond, the National
Park Service, and other entities on numerous projects and historic sites.


James Laidler

Originally from Michigan, Jim Laidler is a career cemetery professional.  He is the incumbent Cemeteries Manager for Richmond's Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities, a post he's held for four years.  Jim takes great pride in serving on the Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery board, and is working diligently to make Shockoe Hill an active cemetery once again.


Wayne Holzbach

At Large Member/Webmaster

Wayne is a retired IT professional from Richmond, VA.  He is a former wilderness search and rescue volunteer, an avid runner, and hiker. In 1992 he became interested in discovering his family history.  In the course of his research he found that his 3rd great grandmother immigrated from Germany in May, 1859.  She is buried in Shockoe Hill Cemetery along with other family members.  Later, this inspired him to help out with cemetery Cleanup Days and ultimately become more involved as a board member.


Kristina Leverty

A Shockoe Hill descendant and former Friends of Shockoe Hill Cemetery board member, Kristina Leverty has been building a searchable database of interment records since 2010.  With over 12,000 records having been entered, the database is approximately fifty percent complete.