Intriguing Tale of Murder and Richmond’s First Motor Car Funeral

While some cities in the U.S. had already adopted the practice of funeral processions via automobile, Richmond did not follow that practice until the year 1910. This city’s first funeral procession via automobile took place on July 10, 1910. Eleven month old adopted boy Henry C. Beattie Trout was taken to his final resting place in Shockoe Hill Cemetery via automobile. While Richmond funeral homes had not yet purchased motorized hearses, Henry was small enough to ride inside an automobile during the procession. According to a newspaper article, Henry was born by his father’s mistress. You can read more about Henry’s sad story and the murder by following the newspaper links below.

The Times Dispatch 10 July 1910 page 10 column 1

The Times Dispatch 21 July 1910 page 1 column 7
Note that this large article is then continued from page 1 and onto page 2 column 1